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The whole tone of the article was one that lacked true understanding of bullying and its fatal symptoms. She argued that punishing bullying by law is unwarranted but she did not offer a solution to a problem that was out of hand then and still out of hand now. The article did successfully state that bullying will be inevitably punishable by law; while severe, it seems the best and fastest way to curtail this growing problem.

Personally, I feel any act committed anywhere whether it is committed at school, work, church, etc. that negatively affects anybody should be addressed accordingly. The punishment should fit the crime. Bullying is abuse and abuse is a crime.

The elephant in the room is nobody wants to deal with a complex issue and bullying is a complex issue. Giese’s article did not address the elephant but over simplified bullying and inadvertently summed it up to a kid just being a kid.

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